Frequently Asked Questions

What is a travel buddy?

An Upendo travel buddy is a virtual travel guide. Everybody using Upendo and storing locations becomes a travel buddy for others. Stored locations are mapped to cities and shared with others.

What are locations?

Places you like to be. Restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, viewpoints, point of interest. Push the red Upendo heart button in the App and try out.

How can I store a location, do I have to choose a city in the city list first?

No. Sign in to Upendo. Push the red Upendo heart button that generally searches overall places in the world. You don't have to choose a specific city of the city list. Type the location name or/and the city/country of the location (e.g.: type "gotthard schweiz winterthur" which correclty results in the restaurant "Restaurant Gotthard 1900"). Tip one of the suggestions and use the "Add" button to store it to "My Locations".

Why should I store locations?

Memorize your travels easily. Automatically become a travel guide for others. Show hidden gems to others in return get same. Ever traveled to a place one of your friends visited before. Easy share your hot spots with your friends.

What locations am I supposed to store?

Add locations that you want to memorize yourself. Rule of thumb: Don't add something that you wouldn't visit again.

How can I rate a location?

There is no rating in Upendo. A stored location is always a good place to be. That's also the philosophy you should follow to store your own locations.

Where do I find locations outside of cities?

Locations are always mapped to the next closest city. Even if the next city is far away.

With whom are my stored locations shared?

All locations of you are potentially shared with everybody using Upendo. Browsing locations is driven by first selecting a city and secondly a travel buddy.

I cannot find a location?

Our database with locations is not perfect. We of course keep improving it every day. Feel free to drop us an email support@get-upendo.com with the location that you miss. We are happy to take care of your issue.

Is there a way to browse all locations stored by one travel buddy?

No, browsing is driven by first selecting a city and then a travel buddy. What you see is always geographically limited to one city.

At what time is a newly added location shared with others?

Newly added locations are shared with other after a delay of minium one day.

What differs Upendo from TripAdvisor & Co.?

Upendo is not interested in the touristy spots. It aims to make perfect recommendations specifically for one individual person. Upendo reveals hidden gems and provides you personal recommendations.

How can I get a PRO profile account?

We do offer PRO profiles only to dedicated groups of people (e.g. travel bloggers, city tour guides) with proven experience in traveling. If you do please apply here: http://www.get-upendo.com/pro-user. PRO profiles are free of costs.

How can I get my URL linked "Visit Website" into my profile?

You have to apply for a PRO user account. See PRO profile above.

What about Android version of the App?

We're working hard on an Android version. Sign up here and we'll let you know as soon as we've got news.

How is the list of travel buddies sorted?

Upendo aims to make perfect recommendations specifically for you. It sorts the travel buddy list based on their levels. In the future it will sort it depending on the relationship you have to travel buddies. First Upendo will show you travel buddies that you know in person. If not available local people knowing the city well will be listed in higher positions.

Why Upendo wants to access my cellphones location service always?

This enables Upendo to present you a list of locations that you visited. That makes it easier for you to add locations you visited some days ago. The history is completely private and not shared with anybody. It's all only stored on your cellphone.

How are awards in Upendo working?

Upendo will award you for revealing hidden gems. The rarer a location is known but still very appreciated by others, the more award you get. You will get kind of kick back points for things that you stored and other people like.

You found a problem in Upendo, something doesn't work or you have an idea to extend or change current App?

We are happy to receive your feedback and ideas. Drop us an email support@get-upendo.com, thanks!

You still have open questions?

Feel free to drop us an email support@get-upendo.com. We are happy to answer your questions.