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Upendo is an individual travel guide helping you to discover cities. It provides you personal recommendations.

Reveal hidden gems

Don’t miss the best. A hidden gem is an undiscovered hot spot. Your travel buddy will guide you not to miss it.

Memorize your travels

Tag your favorite bar, club, restaurant, hotel or viewpoint and automatically share it with your friends. Memorize your travels and return to your favorite hot spots. Reminisce in old memories.

Share your favorite spots

Share your hidden gems to other individuals automatically by tagging. Be a travel guide in your favorite city or your home town.

“It is not down on any map;
true places never are.”

Herman Melville

Let’s Get Started!

Upendo offers a few simple functionalities to guide you to the best destinations.


Upendo warmly welcomes you in the destination city with a breathtaking view. Welcome screens are automatically switched depending on your stopover.

New City

Plan your journey in advance by browsing tags of buddies in cities around the world. Check out tags of close friends in other cities.

Choose your travel buddy

Upendo provides you an individual best matching list of travel buddies. Choose a travel buddy to be your personal city guide and to inspire your travels. Browse his favorite hot spots.